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Can Dating Be Green?

Posted on June 21, 2014 at 9:15 PM


Yes, dating can be green. As a single mom, dating can be somewhat of a chore, bore, snore... and more rhyming words. Below are five sustainability steps to save your time and the planet!

1. Save your time. First, join an online dating site. The club and bar scene is still a viable meeting place, but online dating can weed out bad matches. This is useful because a bad match for you is a good match for someone else; so, everyone’s time is made more efficient.

2. Save your battery. Second, don't obsess about who contacts who first. What is more important is the flow of the messages. If you are interested in learning more about someone, don't forget to show it by ending each message with a question or two. If the responder does the same, it means they are interested. If not, it is possible that they are simply being polite by responding.

3. Save your gas. Next, let's say you get the first inklings of chemistry and wish to meet. Thus far, your impressions are strictly based on photos and text. However, you wouldn't want to drive to the other side of town and after five minutes face-to-face think, "Gee, this was a waste of time." Thus, prolong meeting in person by inviting them to talk vis webcam. It saves gas, money, time, and any awkwardness you may have stepped into. Just to be safe, have a user name that is difficult to determine your personal information, increase your privacy settings, and remember you can shut them off (literally) if it gets creepy or inappropriate.

4. Save more gas! Finally, let's say that all three steps were successful. Meeting via webcam gave you a more complete idea of the person: facial expressions, voice, sense of rhythm, and so on. Plan to meet during the day for coffee or your lunchbreak near your place of work to save on time and gas. If your schedule isn't contusive, you work from home, or evenings/weekends are better, plan to meet on a day where you're already running errands. Choose a familiar and public place with wifi, but not one of your favorite haunts. Arrive earlier, and bring a device that lets you get some work done. After the date, insist that you need to get more work done, and that way you can leave your meeting place after they are long gone. This is both for security reasons as well as making you feel your gas miles were put towards productive use.

5. Save the planet. Wow, congratulations! You've made it to the second date, and I hope it is everything you've dreamt of. Your dates can be made greener by supporting local businesses, spending time in nature, choosing to travel via public transport or cycling, meeting close to home, and enjoying establishments with good green ethics.

Your future true love will appreciate your efficiency and green sensibility. Following the first four steps saves time, money, and the environment. The fifth step maintains the sustainability lifestyle that makes you so lovable in the first place.

Categories: Carbon, Lifestyle, Transit

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